November 16, 2010

Lug them all with our newest F.A.R.M. bags!

Let's face it, girls. Bags are really our thing. And it's titillating to know that F.A.R.M. has decided to tickle our fancies with the newest line, F.A.R.M. Threads.

These ultra-feminine and highly practical tote bags are made of purely recycled fabric, sewn together the F.A.R.M. way. They are zipped, lined and supported by a genuine brown leather strap.

The fabulous bags are sewn, embroidered and assembled by rural women of Baao, Camarines Sur, where F.A.R.M. hails.

Now you see there is hidden glory from trash - you only have to unleash them!
Read more of it from "this F.A.R.M. life!"

October 16, 2010

F.A.R.M. exclusives

The purpose of posting this is mainly to make you drool.

Yes it's awesome but it's an impossibility.

Because only Elaine will have it! And there's no way you can!

The good news though is, we can make something exclusive for you, too. Remember, there's nothing nice F.A.R.M. cannot do!

September 23, 2010

F.A.R.M. is Bicol's Best Product!

To us (particularly to me) who have seen F.A.R.M. from its modest beginnings, this is not at all unexpected.

Our very own F.A.R.M. bagged the Best Product Award at the Bishop F. Gainza Trade Fair & Exhibit for the 2010 Pe├▒afrancia Tercenterary Festival in Naga City.

Bernadette de los Santos tells us more. Read her blog about this feat.

Congratulations F.A.R.M. and kudos to all of us.

August 29, 2010

The Past Year - An Answered Prayer

Like last year's, the August Buttons to Hope meet happened on the 21st at the Button Hole in La Huerta. The brief drizzle made the farm look fresher, more verdant and more lush.

It's been exactly a year since the Button Hole was inaugurated. We thanked God for the richness of nature, the seeds that we plant and fruits that we harvest. And because of that He gave us more.

Sisters in the hood: Bidibidi, Ritzie, Tootsie, Ann and Lilette

We praised God for our wise minds and good hearts. For friends who appreciate and support. So He allowed us and now we are many.

from fresh harvest: greens with thousand island dressing, fresh tomatoes and string beans salad with lemon zest, chops in gravy, La Huerta meatballs with coleslaw, and chilled fruit cocktail in young coco, ginataang santol, too

Pec, Sarah, Wheng, Bidibidi and Yayet

The whole group including Monette

We prayed for possibilities that happen and dreams that come true. A year hence, we are all sharing the dream. And we have scholars starting to build their own.

Four of the six BTH scholars: Christian, Christian, Christine and Jam

Like the Button Hole, God did not make us wear out, break nor burn. We took the right path and we continue to be one.

As promised, we will never end our passion for the good. God please allow us for the years to come.

August 21, 2010

One 'F.A.R.M. traveler'

In her recent Singapore trip, Mia tags along her precious must-haves...

"I'm wearing the MIDNIGHT SUN - it's in midnight blue and silver combi, to commemorate the yet-unpublished Twilight book, MIDNIGHT SUN. It's based from Edward Cullen's point of view while TWILIGHT was based from Bella Swan's point of view."

One day she was donning a teal, the next day looked like it was the classic earthychoc...

The whole point is, this loyal lives her fab, jetsetter life with F.A.R.M. And we so love her for that. Thank you!!!

F.A.R.M. supports the 2010 Miss Universe!

The most interesting F.A.R.M. trivia: Did you know that our super famous "F.A.R.M. bride" evolved from the original piece first worn and modeled by no less than...

Our very own Venus Raj, the hottest and strongest contender for the 2010 Miss Universe crown?

Take home the gold Venus, for you deserve the gold.

With our F.A.R.M. brides, let's watch the Miss Universe Pageant on August 23 and see her victory.

Learn more about Venus on the F.A.R.M. blog.

August 19, 2010

Book your Saturday for Buttons to Hope!

Two important events happening:

One - Chill out the farm way at the Button Hole in La Huerta! Buttons to Hope members. Lunch. Meet the scholars.

Two - There is HOPE in Art. The first art exhibition in Baao featuring local artists. Wine and hors d ouvres at Cafe des Artes, Villa Esperanza. Get a fine piece and help Buttons to Hope. Anyone interested is welcome.

Saturday, 21 August. RSVP:

August 9, 2010

Come by the F.A.R.M. shop!

Feel cozy at our new F.A.R.M. shoppe and studio...

Where art...


and a lot of good things abound!

Find us at Cafe des Artes, Villa Esperanza, San Nicolas Baao, Camarines Sur. See you.

July 26, 2010

F.A.R.M. bride's rock-n-rollin' in Paris!

We have a long list of stories to tell, photos to post but time is a luxury these days. But we are, kind of, compelled to post these.

How can we not? F.A.R.M. bride's looking hot as she explores Paris with a stunningly hot mademoiselle!

The F.A.R.M. bride series is the "in" thing this season.

The charm is made of vintage buttons attached to antiqued brass-finished chain with extender, and fastens with a lobster clasp.

It's a must-have for everyone. And it's perfect for Rock-chelle!

De toute beaut├ę? Yes, indeed!

July 25, 2010

Buttons to Hope - A lifestyle that rocks!

One of us said, Buttons to Hope is a lifestyle.

Yes it is. And this lifestyle, believe it or not, is rocking our worlds.

Last night's BTH meet could only prove how much we are all drawn to it. To the purpose, and to the people behind it.

Three lady attorneys - Lynn, Lani and Amor - the new and promising members of BTH, hosted the meeting at Gloria Maris, Rockwell. They were among those rare individuals we were exactly looking for.

That evening we all clicked. We could just guess that would mean more projects, more funds, more scholars.

While we do not headhunt, it's amazing how BTH has managed to attract quality people to take part of the advocacy. And it excites us to see more people of such kind, helping us out.

We now have six scholars all enrolled in the university. And we have vowed to never stop working to support these scholars and many other deserving ones in the future.

Sometimes we notice that we report the same stuff all the time. But that is because we never stall, and we continue to rise. From start to finish, BTH rocks, and that's all gonna be it. Modesty aside.